Quick-tab pistol pack

Ballistic nylon CCW bag with removable holster and separate belt. Quick release tabs. For right or left-handed draw. A sneaky way for your firearm to hide in plain sight.
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Concealed Carry Business Accessory

Quick-tab pistol pack


This ballistic nylon CCW bag allows you to keep your gun completely concealed, but close at hand. The padded main compartment offers a Velcro mounted removable holster, which can be positioned for right or left handed draw. You'll find two wide webbed nylon belt loops at the back of the bag. Use the webbed nylon belt that is included, or place this bag on your regular belt. Belt adjusts from 32” to 59”. Loops are big enough to accommodate a duty belt.


A dual tabbed zipper accesses the gun compartment. You'll find a quick release tab in both the upper right and left corners of the pouch. To set up quick access, hold out the tab of your choice, bring both zipper pulls to it, leaving the tab exposed. To access weapon, use your non-shooting hand to pull out and down on the tab. Your shooting hand is free to draw the pistol.


At the front of the quick-tab pistol pack, you will find an additional zippered pocket. There's a pleated panel inside that's perfect for holding a magazine. This area is also handy for other small items, such as a cell phone, ID, keys, etc.  The Quick-Tab Pistol Pack is a sneaky concealed carry option that enables your firearm to hide in plain sight!


BLACK only. Your choice of 3 sizes.


Small: 5 ½ x 4 ½ x 1 ½

Fits most 22, 25 and 32 caliber semi-automatic weapons


Medium: 7 x 5 x 1 ½

Fits most 380's and snub nosed revolvers


Large: 8 x 5 x 1 ½

Fits most semi-automatic with up to a 4” barrel and revolvers with up to a 3” barrel

Quick-tab pistol pack

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