Palm Sized Pistol Packing Holster

Palm Sized Ambidextrous Pistol Packing Holster at Creative Concealment
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Palm Sized Pistol Packing Holster

This pistol-packing powerhouse is a leather holster that truly delivers versatility and value. Used as a belt slide holster, it will hold a medium to full sized pistol securely and close to the body. The clip on the back adds support to larger pistols! Flip it around and it is a compact in-the-pants holster!

Wear it anywhere along your waistline. Ambidextrous. Left or right handed draw. Available in 2 sizes. Standard size fits medium to full size automatics and revolvers, small fits ultra compacts.  Photo shows larger holster with a demo Glock 17 and standard J frame revolver.  Test weapons not included.




  • A Great CCW Accessory:
  • Ambidextrous :
  • Choice of Sizes:
  • Fine Craftsmanship:
  • Genuine Leather:
  • Heavy Duty Metal Belt Clip:
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