Double Holstered Bellyband

Double holstered deep concealment belly band. Available at CreativeConcealment.BIZ
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The CCW Belly Band Holster is made in the U.S.A.

This 5" wide concealment holster is made from surgical elastic for comfort. Wide Velcro band adjusts this holster for a custom fit. Designed to be worn around the midsection under a shirt, or sweats and can be positioned high or low.  The bellyband holster is a popular alternative to a shoulder holster or a holstered t-shirt, offering  the same deep concealment with more versatility and at a better price! 

Looking for a SOB holster?  Your belly band holster can do that too!  Position the band to your liking, using the gun pocket designed for right or left-handed draw.  Check out the photo showing small of back carry.

Belly band holster worn sob

This holster allows for two handguns in a variety of sizes and two magazines. Works for both pistols and revolvers. One of the most versatile concealment holsters available. The belly-band design holds the gun very close to your body for maximum concealment. Machine wash -- gentle cycle!


Ambidextrous.  Available in Black, White or Tan. Sizes Mediium (26"-40"), Large (36"-50"), or XL (46"-60").   Don't forget to use color to your advantage!  Select a belly band that will blend rather than contrast!


Perfect for primary weapon or back up gun.



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