DEEP Concealment Trouser Holster

DEEP concealment trouser holster
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Trouser Holder, Pistol Holder, Pistol Concealment.

This CCW gun holster is a unique combination of function and comfort. This style is an excellent lightweight undetectable DEEP concealment holster.  Perfect for business or casual wear.  Indepedant suspension! Can be worn under gym shorts, sweat pants and scrubs, where traditional IWB or belt holsters won't work. They won't know you're armed till they hear the thunder.  Perfect holster for all-day wear!

Designed for left or right handed draw, your weapon will be comfortably placed between two fully padded nylon structures. Adjustable elastic and Velcro waist strap. There is also an extra pocket for magazine clip. Holster fits most semi-automatic and revolver handguns.  


Machine wash -- Gentle cycle!!!   Available in BLACK only.




  • A Great CCW Accessory:
  • Ambidextrous :
  • Fully Padded:
  • Washable:
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