Concealed Carry Back Pack

Leather concealed carry backpack with locking holstered gun compartment
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Concealed Carry Business Accessory

Concealed Carry Back Pack


Multi-pocket leather back-pack features a secure locking gun compartment. Side access to the holstered area, with Velcro mounted removable holster. Zipper on the spacious gun compartment is 7 inches long, allowing for easy access. There is plenty of room to conceal anything from a full sized firearm to a subcompact.


Overall dimensions are 10 ½ by 8 by 3. The front of the bag features a 5 x 4 flap pocket with elastic sides and bottom. Plus a 5 x 3 open top pocket with Velcro tab closure and elastic sides and bottom. Great for cell phone, cigarettes or other small essentials. Right behind these two pockets is a flat zip top pocket measuring 6 x 6.


The main concealment offers a flat zippered compartment on one outer wall and two open top pockets on the other wall. Tuck in a book, tablet computer or e-reader up to 6 ½ by 9 and still have room for other essentials in this section.


Leather loop on the back makes this bag ready to grab and go. Versatile uni-strap can be slung over one shoulder to keep your bag under your arm and facing front in a crowd. Or strap splits in two to be worn as a backpack and adjusted in length for a comfortable carry.


The Concealed Carry Back Pack gives you peace of mind on the go.  Available in classic black only.  

  • A Great CCW Accessory:
  • Genuine Leather:
  • Hide in plain sight carry option:
  • Lockable:
  • Multiple Pockets:
  • Removable Thumb Break Saftey Strap:
  • Secure LOCKING Zippered Gun Compartment:
  • Two keys included:
  • Velcro Mounted Removable Holster:
  • Zippered Accessory Pocket:
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