Carry All Leather Pistol Purse

Gun Purse. Carry-All Leather Pistol Purse with locking holster compartment
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Gun Purse

Carry All Leather Pistol Purse

This cowhide 10 inch by 11 inch CCW bag is the perfect way to keep a mid sized weapon accessible. The 6 ½ inch long secure locking zipper on the side offers easy right-handed access to the holstered handgun compartment. The internal holster is attached by Velcro and can be positioned to suit your weapon. A detachable retention strap is also included.

The single main compartment offers a quick view of all your goods. A zipper across the top keeps everything secured. One side of the inner lining has a flat 6 inch by 5 inch zippered pocket perfect for a checkbook or other valuables. The opposite side features 2 open top pockets just right for glasses, cell phones or other small items.

The front of the bag has a 9 inch wide by 6 inch high flap top compartment secured with metal toggle closure. Under the flap is a flat narrow open top pocket that's perfect for a Razor style phone, keys or other small goods. The back of this CCW tote has a flat 7 inch by 6 inch zippered compartment, perfect for a smart phone or small electronics.

Oversized grommets and large rings attach the versatile strap to the handbag. The adjustable strap can go from 30 inches to 54 inches when measured ring to ring. Kept short this shoulder bag will ride high and tight under the arm. Let it out and there is enough strap for cross-body carry over a heavy coat. Sassy top stitching complete the look.

Concerned about pick-pockets when traveling? Don't have a secure spot to leave your purse while at work? Pop out the hidden gun holster. This locking gun purse offers you a way to keep passport, cash, credit cards and other valuables away from busy fingers by securing them in the locking compartment.   


Carry All Leather Pistol Purse at Creative Concealment


  • A Great CCW Accessory:
  • Adjustable Shoulder Strap -- long enough for cross body carry:
  • Cell Phone Pouch:
  • Choice of Colors:
  • Fine Craftsmanship:
  • Genuine Leather:
  • Lockable:
  • Multiple Pockets:
  • Removable Thumb Break Saftey Strap:
  • Secure LOCKING Zippered Gun Compartment:
  • Two keys included:
  • Velcro Mounted Removable Holster:
  • Zippered Accessory Pocket:
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