Cargo Style Holstered Shoulder Bag

Holstered leather cargo style CCW gun concealment purse. Secure locking gun compartment with Velcro mounted holster. Adjustable shoulder strap is long enough for cross-body carry. Built in organizer. Choice of colors. Right handed draw.
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Gun Purse

Cargo Style Holstered Shoulder Bag 


This stylish leather CCW gun purse measures 12"x9". On the front you'll find a cell phone pouch and a 6"x5" pocket, both with flap closure. The back features a roomy organizer pouch accessed from a large U shaped zipper. There you'll find credit card slots, a pocket for your check book, a zippered coin purse and more.

The full length top zipper exposes the divided main compartment. The holstered gun compartment is accessed from the locking zipper on the side of the bag. The removable Velcro mounted holster can be positioned to meet your needs. Adjustable shoulder strap is long enough for cross body carry. 

Form and function combine in this well thought-out holstered gun concealment shoulder bag.  The Cargo Style Holstered Shoulder Bag is a great addition to any personal protection wardrobe. 

Choice of colors.  

Cargo Style Holstered Shoulder Bag at Creative Concealment




  • A Great CCW Accessory:
  • Adjustable Shoulder Strap -- long enough for cross body carry:
  • Built-in Organizer:
  • Cell Phone Pouch:
  • Choice of Colors:
  • Choice of Sizes:
  • Genuine Leather:
  • Lockable:
  • Multiple Pockets:
  • Removable Thumb Break Saftey Strap:
  • Secure LOCKING Zippered Gun Compartment:
  • Two keys included:
  • Velcro Mounted Removable Holster:
  • Zippered Accessory Pocket:
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