Belt Pistol Pack

Compact clip-on holstered case.
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CCW Business Accessory

Belt Pistol Pack

Genuine leather gun pouch features a sturdy metal clip on the back and a cell phone pocket on the front. Sewn-in pocket inside the gun compartment is perfect for ID. A great concealment choice for the active lifestyle.

This deceptive little clip-on pouch looks like a cigarette case. A great way to hide your weapon in plain sight! A handy CCW accessory. Now available in 2 sizes.

SMALL. 5 ½" x 4"  x 1 ½" . A trim little carry option for ultra compact pistols. Perfect for derringer, 25 caliber, 22 caliber and other small handguns. Cell phone pocket on the front fits razor style phones

LARGE. 6 ½” x 4 ½” x 1 ½”. A handy choice for small firearms. Cell phone pocket on the front is 5 ½” tall and 3 ½” wide with a Velcro tab closure. Elastic on the tab closure and at the sides of the cell phone pouch allow room for a variety of smart phones.

Black only.




  • A Great CCW Accessory:
  • Cell Phone Pouch:
  • Genuine Leather:
  • Heavy Duty Metal Belt Clip:
  • Hide in plain sight carry option:
  • Interior Magazine Pockets:
  • Quick Release Tab:
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